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Remote Learning

As you will be aware there is concern in the community about COVID-19 (Corona Virus). We will continue to keep you informed of any information shared by the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Remote Learning

Currently, as directed by the Department of Education and Training, we have in place Remote Learning as we did in Term 2. All students access Showbie each day for their learning grids and activities, whilst also having access to WebEx Meetings to conference and meet with their teachers and classmates.

Additional Resources

In addition to Showbie, WebEx and other set class activities, you have access to Reading Eggs and Mathletics. Please utilise these online resources.

​Continue to check in with your child/ren regularly. Information on media outlets continue to have reached saturation point and as a result this can raise anxiety levels in all of us. The following video may assist you when talking to your child about the current situation. SchoolTV’s special video report on how parents, carers and teachers can help children and young people deal with any anxiety they may be experiencing as a result of media coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is clear and fact based.

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