Student Voice & Leadership


Student Voice is recognised as an important part of Aitken Creek Primary School and our Student Leadership structure aims to provide all students with the opportunity to have input into the development of the school and create authentic leadership opportunities for students.


Our Student Leaders attend regular meetings with staff where they For example, our Student Leaders prepare and host all school assemblies, including our annual ANZAC Day commemoration assembly, and have assisted in the past with other school fundraising events.


Student Voice Action Teams recognise that students have the power to influence change and action. Our Student Leaders are joined by other students from their year levels who are randomly selected to collaborate and make decisions with staff around what and how they learn. They celebrate success and discuss concerns they have in order to plan and improve their learning environment. They also contribute to planning, organising and promoting a range of year level and whole school events. There are new Student Voice Action Teams created regularly to allow for a range of student voice to be heard and actioned across the school throughout the year.


Our Student Leaders also lead our school by working with staff to prepare and host all school assemblies with staff support, including our annual ANZAC Day commemoration assembly, and by developing, filming and producing our ‘Aitken Creek Good News’ videos throughout the year.


Community Meetings are held within each classroom throughout the week and assist in establishing positive classroom climates where students feel a sense of belonging and connection to school. Community Meetings are planned, have a purpose and provide a time for student voice and agency to occur. Students are able to share opinions and ideas, develop social and communication skills and actively participate in discussions about their learning both in and out of the classroom environment.


Other leadership opportunities for students at ACPS include Specialist Leaders, DigiLeaders, Environment Leaders and Library Leaders.


Student Leadership aims to enable the voices of students to be heard and empower students to develop their agency and make change. Aitken Creek Primary School aims to encourage students to develop leadership, critical, creative and collaboration skills. All students are encouraged to act as leaders and support the school values of Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork and Achievement.

2021 School Captains:

Azra 6F & Eshal 6A

Introducing our House Captains: 

Red House - Alana 6D, Lilly 5A, Thimath 4E

Blue House - Jack 6C, Sia 5D, Anvita 4C

Green House - Charli 6D, Ahmed 5A, Seheli 4B

Orange House - Zain 6D, Caitlin 5A, Danika 4B